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We are committed to providing the highest quality products, services and technical support. Independence, responsibility and innovation are three pillars of our success – and the basis on which we build fair and trusting partnerships.

GNT maintains cutting-edge application technology centers throughout the world, where we continually develop and improve EXBERRY® and Nutrifood®. Our technical experts can offer key support, answering any questions you have regarding EXBERRY® natural colors or Nutrifood® concentrates. We can also help with strategic product development and the latest regulatory requirements. Together, we work towards tailor-made solutions for your products – in our labs or in private workshops, covering specific applications or product groups.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our services and EXBERRY®, Nutrifood® or GNT’s technical support and services.



I like GNT’s desire to be the best in the market, the way staff are encouraged to do their best and are made to feel a valuable member  of the team. I feel proud to offer service to all our customers worldwide.”

Tina Alvey
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GNT is continuously evolving. New products are being developed. And for those we need new production facilities. Never a dull moment.”

Floris Popma
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GNT International B.V.

Together with my team I am in daily contact with clients all over the world. Co-operating with colleagues from our and other GNT affiliates, we make sure that all clients get served in the best possible way.”

Martijn Berkvens
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Working with nature and technology  

Vibrant color continues to be one of the most important product qualities leading to consumer purchase.  However, today’s consumer wants to easily recognize and feel safe consuming the ingredients used in that product. GNT provides an opportunity for products to have both: vibrant and clean label color.  GNT is the global leader in growing and processing edible fruits,

vegetables and plants to produce wholesome, plants to produce wholesome, natural ingredients for the global food industry. With more than 30 years of experience providing a full range of natural fruit and vegetable based colors, along with a genuine dedication to application know-how, GNT can offer unparalleled expertise and support throughout product development.


On their own, EXBERRY® natural colors taste like the raw materials from which they are made.  However, the dosage levels are very low and typically have no impact on the taste of the finished product. We help our customers select the appropriate EXBERRY® product for the application and when necessary, create custom formulations to deliver the best solution.


At GNT we grow and process nearly 30 unique varieties of fruits, vegetables and plants to provide our customers with a wide-range of vibrant, natural color solutions.  From a stable red for beverages to brilliant blue candy, EXBERRY® natural colors can deliver the entire rainbow of color solutions without the use of synthetic additives or organic solvents.


EXBERRY® Natural Colors provide for excellent light stability.  Our technical team will help you choose the right color for your application by discussing key stability factors, such as packaging and processing parameters.



EXBERRY® Natural Colors are typically water-soluble or water-dispersible. Nevertheless, they may be used in applications where oil-soluble colors are required. Our technical team is happy to work with you to find the perfect solution for your application.


Heat stability 

EXBERRY® Natural Colors demonstrate very good stability to heat.  They can be used successfully during extreme heat processes such as high boiling and pasteurisation.  GNT’s technical staff is always available to discuss the right solution for your product.



EXBERRY® colors containing red fruit and vegetable concentrates are typically pH sensitive, while other shades are less influenced.  GNT uses a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in EXBERRY® to help mitigate many common technical challenges.  GNT’s technical experts can provide you with guidance and advice, delivering the perfect solution for your application.

EXBERRY® Natural Colors

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