Nutrifood® - The best of fruits and vegetables

Nutrifood® fruit and vegetable concentrates are made from a vast range of phytonutrient rich fruits, vegetables and plants and contain significantly higher levels of phytonutrients than standard juice concentrates. Phytonutrients are naturally occurring bioactive components, such as polyphenols (e.g. anthocyanins) or carotenoids that provide protective health benefits for overall wellbeing.

Health professionals recommend a diet rich in fruits and vegetables with high phytonutrient content, such as berries, carrots and tomatoes.  The variety of different fruits and vegetables consumed should be as broad as possible, to deliver a wide array of phytonutrients.

Nutrifood® fruit and vegetable concentrates are a natural and effective way to enhance the overall nutritional value and sensory appeal of your food or beverage product.


The Power of Fruits and Vegetables in Your Application 

Nutrifood® fruit and vegetable concentrates can deliver powerful nutrition enhancement to your finished product. GNT’s expertise in growing and processing diverse fruits and vegetables results in phytonutrient rich concentrates with standardized levels of anthocyanins and carotenoids. Health-conscious consumers expect

the food industry to deliver nutritionally-balanced foods and beverages that are convenient and nutritious, and free-from artificial additives or preservatives. With Nutrifood®, GNT provides the solution. Be inspired by what Nutrifood® can add to the unique look, taste and nutritional content of your product.


GNT’s takes great care to grow fruits and vegetables that will deliver the highest levels of phytonutrients in Nutrifood® concentrates. Processing the raw materials gently, only with water, ensures that these valuable assets can be used to the greatest advantage in your product.


Nutrifood® concentrates, made from colorful and pythonutrient dense fruits and vegetables, also provide vibrant color and enhanced visual appeal in many applications.



Nutrifood® products are quite tasty on their own. However, when they are used within a formula, they can also positively enhance both the overall aroma and flavor in the final product.



Whether you are looking for a particular fruit combination or a unique purple vegetable mix, Nutrifood® blends offer formulators an array of product possibilities.



Frequently Asked Questions

Powered by Nutrifood® - Making your product unique

The logo “Powered by Nutrifood®” means more color, more aroma and more phytonutrients – naturally.  When applied to your product in accordance with our guidelines, the logo tells your consumers that they are buying a natural product of superior quality that can provide the nutritional balance they are looking for.
The “Powered by Nutrifood®” logo communicates health, wellness and helps deliver a consistent and positive consumer impression.

Can Nutrifood® deliver consistent quality?

Nutrifood® fruit and vegetable concentrates are standardized to deliver consistent levels of phytonutrients without the variations associated with nature.

Will Nutrifood® affect the taste of my product?

Typically, using Nutrifood® will not produce any flavor in your product. However, Nutrifood® will support your product's aroma and can easily be combined with any blend of flavors.

In which applications can Nutrifood® be used?

Nutrifood® can be used in almost any food and beverage application. It is easy to use.

How do I declare Nutrifood® in my ingredients list?

Nutrifood® fruit and vegetable concentrates can be declared in the ingredient list of the final product as concentrates (name of raw materials), e.g. as concentrates (pumpkin, apple...).

How is Nutrifood® manufactured?

For Nutrifood®, fully ripened fruits and vegetables are processed using physical methods and water as the processing media, without the use of any organic solvents or selective extraction. No artificial additives or vitamins are added.

How do you standardise Nutrifood®?

Having large stocks of different fruit and vegetable concentrates available allows us to produce blends that deliver the desired amounts of phytonutrients. GNT does not add any selectively extracted phytonutrients to its products.

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