EXBERRY® Natural Colors  

Today's consumers demand vibrant color shades as well as clean label products. GNT's EXBERRY® Natural Colors are concentrates produced exclusively from fruits, vegetables and edible plants.  Using physical processing and no synthetic additives or organic solvents, EXBERRY® offers a full range of colors while perfectly supporting a clean label strategy.

Coloring Food with Food  

GNT’s EXBERRY® Natural Colors offer a full range of color solutions for a wide variety of applications such as beverages, confectionary, dairy and savoury.  GNT’s complete control through all steps of production, from planting the right seeds to final product, ensures high quality colors that are reliably available and consistent in performance and cost. 

Made exclusively from edible fruits, vegetables and plants and without the use of chemical solvents or additives, EXBERRY® natural colors are foods in their own right and edible at any point in the production process.  As consumers continue to demand natural ingredients that they can easily recognize and feel safe consuming, EXBERRY® natural colors are ideally suited to meet this growing consumer requirement.


No Chemicals, No Preservatives
and No Synthetic Processing 

Naturally Produced 

All GNT products are made from edible fruits, vegetables and plants, using only physical techniques and traditional food preparation processes.

Naturally Stable

Our carefully selected fruits, vegetables and plants, and state-of-the-art physical processing technology delivers naturally stable, easy to use color solutions.

Naturally Safe

GNT’s products are foods in their own right; simple concentrates of edible fruits, vegetables and plants.


Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy colorful and healthy foods and beverages

Color has always been the first impression of a food that the consumer experiences. It hints to the flavor and experience to come. However, with increasing access to information and news regarding food ingredients, the public has become wary of unfamiliar food additives, especially when it comes to ingredients used for color. EXBERRY® natural colors are the ideal way to add wholesome, recognizable and trusted color to other foods. Since EXBERRY® colors are made exclusively from edible fruits, vegetables and plants, they can perfectly compliment your clean-label strategy. 

Will the color of my product be as brilliant as it would with synthetic or formulated colors?

EXBERRY® natural colors provide a wide variety of brilliant colors in a range of applications. Try our Color Selector to see a choice of applications and order a color sample to evaluate our colors for yourself.

Is EXBERRY® suitable for consumers with specialized diets, such as Kosher, Halal or Vegan?

EXBERRY® natural colors are made exclusively from fruits and vegetables, without the use of any raw materials of animal origin. This means they are suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets and they are also Halal and Kosher certified.

How do I declare EXBERRY® on the ingredients list? 

GNT recommends that EXBERRY® natural colors be labelled “Fruit & Vegetable Juice (for color), “Fruit Juice (for color)” or “Vegetable Juice (for color)”.

Is EXBERRY® organic?

If you are looking for a coloring solution that you can use in organic foods, GNT offers a special line of EXBERRY® products designed specifically to be used in organic applications.

Color Selector

Try our Color Selector to experience the rainbow of shades available for a wide range of applications with EXBERRY®.

Individual Solutions

Learn how we can develop tailor-made solutions for your applications and regulatory needs.

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